What is the meaning of Justice?

According to the Oxford Dictionary Definition of justice:

... Justice is one of the basic principles, meaning fairness, impartiality, equity. It includes the concept of distributive justice, and application of affirmative action when this is desirable or necessary. In all aspects of law, including law relating to public health problems, justice means seeking the truth and basing judgements on evidence rather than on the eloquence of arguments for differing points of view.”

 In other words, justice is a way to give fair treatment (sometimes punishment) to someone else who have injured or caused wrongdoing to you. We cannot injure someone else the same way you were injured, so there must be another way to measure how we treat the defendant (The person who caused the injury) so that they are treated with the same damage and harm that was done to you.

            There are many ways to measure Justice. The Judge in the courtroom determines what are the ethical and moral options to measures justice:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional Distress
  • Financial losses
  • Medical Care Required
  • Property Damages
  • Punishable Crimes against humanity 

            The most common way to apply justice is with monetary compensation. 


We ask the Jury how much money the defense must compensate you so that justice is served. Before the Jury ever gets to hear your case, you need to have prepared your case to be heard in front of a jury. This is where a lawyer comes in to help you.