Landmark Case

Justice for the unborn

August 11, 2023

A tragic event in a Texas prison leads to a legal battle with far-reaching consequences for the rights of the unborn.

Salia Issa, a seven-months-pregnant prison officer, experiences labor pains but is denied medical assistance for hours

The Incident

The delay leads to a stillbirth. Medical personnel claim the baby would have survived if treated sooner.

The Tragedy

Issa and her husband sue the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, arguing the state violated laws and the U.S. Constitution.

The Lawsuit

Texas argues against responsibility, questioning whether the fetus had rights as a person.

The State's Response

The case opens a dialogue on fetal personhood and inconsistencies in Texas' approach to unborn children's rights.

Fetal Rights Debate

This case sets the stage for future legal fights in a post-Dobbs world, with potential impacts on abortion laws and more.

Legal Implications

We stand for justice and the rights of the unborn. Join us in this fight for life and dignity.

Our Commitment

A case that began with a personal tragedy may redefine the rights of the unborn. Stay informed and engaged.

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