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Personal Injury

People have the responsibility to prevent you from being in dangerous and harmful situations. You may be owed money if others fail to keep this responsibility.
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Product Liability

Medical Implants, Toys, Machine Parts, and Tools are held at an expected level of safety before they can even be sold to you.
Start a case so we may identify an unsafe product and have manufacturers compensate you for your injuries.​

Automobile Defect

Cars should be engineered and designed to improve the chances of survival in a crash, a term known in the industry as crashworthiness. We are presently, and have done successfully before, working to improve vehicle safety by holding car manufacturers and component part suppliers accountable for any unsafe products that cause catastrophic injury or death.
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Motor Vehicle Accident

Pain and suffering as a result of an accident is a financial burden to carry. Get the money you deserve so you may go on with your life.

Trucking Crashes

Trucks are posed to cause greater damage if one were to be involve in a crash. Training and requirements have been put into place so truck drivers may safely share the same road as the general public. Cronauer Law is experienced in handling complex trucking cases. Start a case with Cronauer Law

Wrongful Death

The emotional toll of losing a loved one is hard enough. Cronauer Law will hold those accountable for their negligence — to reduce your financial burden.

Business Litigation

We are deeply experienced with business litigation cases such as:
Disputes, Fraud, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Leaked Trade Secrets, Disagreements with customers, lawsuits with competitors and so much more.

FELA Claims

Injured Railroad workers must prove that their employers are liable for their injuries. Our lawyers are experienced handling FELA cases to get you what you deserve.

Workers Compensation

Employers may hire their own team of Doctors to claim your injuries are not severe. Speak with a lawyer to navigate the Worker Comp process to get paid for your time off work.

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