Breach of

Fiduciary Duty

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Successful businesses are often built on trust. Corporate executives, managers, directors, employees, and even outside partners are trusted and relied on to perform their duties based on good faith, care, and loyalty to the organization. When these individuals fail to follow ethical and legal standards in fulfilling these obligations, a breach of fiduciary duty may occur. This may also occur in the legal malpractice areas.

When the circumstances require a focused response, the experienced attorneys at The Law Offices of Cronauer Law work to make sure those responsible are also held accountable. Our Chicago firm represents clients who have been victimized by the inappropriate behavior of a banker, trustee, manager, corporate officer, business partner, lawyer, or other professional. These claims may involve allegations of fraud, withholding vital information, covering up tax and insurance liabilities, self-dealing, ignoring conflict-of-interest and a variety of other actions.

Determining the cause and assessing damages in these cases can be complex, involving the examination of thousands of documents, a thorough understanding of the financial issues, and disclosure of all the information that is relevant to the business relationship. To be successful, it is usually necessary to illustrate how the breach of fiduciary duty occurred and what the consequential damages were and whether the conduct benefitted the wrongdoer at the victim’s expense.

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