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Conflicts over the control of a business can threaten its very existence, setting up serious financial consequences for partners and shareholders. Business control disputes can happen in any type of corporate enterprise, and can often lead to emotionally-charged behaviors that can make a bad situation even worse.

At The Law Offices of Cronauer Law, our attorneys know that finding solutions and restoring confidence when faced with a business control dispute requires creativity and negotiation skills, the same qualities that the firm has used so effectively in numerous high-profile personal injury claims. Building on this knowledge and success, our attorneys have worked with different types of organizations to calmly and realistically consider their options in a business control dispute. The result may be a new ownership structure, revised operational agreements, or an agreed buyout.

If an equitable resolution cannot be reached, then expert valuations, financial assessments, and even litigation may be required to effectively dissolve the enterprise. Regardless of the circumstances, we provide the thoughtful and forceful legal representation that considers the risks and costs while supporting our client’s position. If no viable alternative exists, we will not hesitate to go to court.

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