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Cronauer Law works to recover compensation for injured railroad workers in Illinois. Railroad and train-related accidents occur every day, and injured railroad employees’ rights are not protected by state workers’ compensation laws.  Instead, they are governed by a unique federal regulatory system enacted by congress.

This complex law is called the Federal Employers’ Liability Act or “FELA”. Our extensive experience in this highly specialized field of law, coupled with our exceptional level of personal service, makes Cronauer Law especially qualified to help you with your situation.

Why do you need a FELA Lawyer

The FELA is a specialized statute that governs workplace injuries to railroad employees. The main concern of any FELA case is being able to prove the employer was at fault or negligent. In order for an injured worker to be compensated, this must happen. The moment you get injured on the job, your employer is focused on proving that you are at fault for your injuries so that they do not have to compensate you. 

Cronauer Law is experienced in fighting the railroad companies on behalf of employees and proving that their employer is at fault. 

"Couldn't have been better. Thank you for all your hard work. My family is now in a better position, because justice was finally served."

Federal Employers' Liability Act

In 1908, upon realizing the importance of railroads bearing the costs of causing injuries to its employees, Congress enacted the FELA. The Act’s purpose was to stimulate carriers to greater diligence for the safety of their employees and the persons and property of their patrons.

While the FELA has indeed forced railroad carriers to become safer and be held accountable to employees for the injuries it caused, the railroad industry is one that is not without significant safety risk. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) reported that in 2003, there were more than 13,877 railroad accidents in the United States in which 858 people lost their lives. Tragically, due to the sheer size and weight on the equipment involved railroad accidents often have catastrophic results in the form of severe personal injury or death suffered by workers or those close to the tracks.

Historically Dangerous Industry

Slips and falls
1 %

Slips and falls make up about 42% of all reported causes of injuries for railroad workers

Federal Railroad Association: An Examination of Railroad Yard Worker Safety

Harmelen Train Disaster

A Railroad occupation, historically was and still is today, one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. In 1888, the odds against a railroad brakeman’s dying a natural death were almost four to one; the average life expectancy of a switch man in 1893 was seven years. In addressing the plight of railroad workers in the United States, President Benjamin Harrison urged Congress to pass legislation to improve railroad safety. He explained: “It is a reproach to our civilization that any class of American workman should, in the pursuit of a necessary and useful vocation, be subjected to a peril of life and limb as great as that of a soldier in time of war.”

Have you been injured on the job?

If you work for a railroad company and have been injured, contact Cronauer Law. Your union may direct you to use one of their own designated lawyers, but you are free to hire any lawyer you wish.