Involved in an accident?

After you have been injured, your main goal is to do everything you can to make a full recovery, without getting yourself into debt with medical bills.

Most people believe that insurance companies will simply pay for your medical expenses for your injuries, but after working with countless insurance companies, our clients have learned this is far from the truth.

We have looked at our most compensated clients and pinned down 10 things they have done that was crucial to make the insurance companies pay for the medical treatment needed to make a full recovery.


Establish Liability

To “Establish liability” means that it can be proven who is at fault for your injury. In order to establish liability, we need as much evidence we can gather to build our case.

  • If you have a smartphone or camera, take photos to document the scene if it is safe to do so. Include pictures of:

    • License plates of involved vehicles.

    • Damage to your vehicle.

    • Damage to other vehicles.

    • Damage to property other than vehicles.

    • Objects at the scene, including accident debris, skid marks, fallen branches, etc.

    • Street signs or other landmarks to identify the accident location.

    • Any contributing factors to the accident, such as obscured traffic signs.

  • Talk to people who saw what happened and get their contact information!
  • Get the police report. After an emergency, the police will usually ask everyone questions to create the police report. Ask the police for a copy of this report.

Do not give statements to insurance companies

Or at least, not right away. You want to hold off giving any statements on how the incident happened and any injuries you suffered. You may have to give a statement at some point, but before you do — discuss with an attorney at Cronauer Law.

Insurance companies are focused on minimizing the amount of coverage they are required to pay you. You must be very specific about the extent of all of your injuries and property damages and be clear about how the insurance company is LEGALLY obligated to cover these issues. Any mistakes could leave you responsible for far more medical bills than you can afford; all because you didn’t mention about that small ache at first (which turned into a expensive medical issue later on!)



Get a diagnosis for any injuries you have

Do not wait for the insurance company to tell you to get checked out, and don’t assume they will pay for your visit to the doctor.

Make the appointment to see a doctor.

The insurance company may direct you to see a doctor they work with, and it is ok to get a diagnosis from them. But we prefer to have a doctor you trust to give you a unbiased opinion.

Follow your Doctor's orders and get treatment!

This may sound like common sense, but there are many times where we have clients who didn’t follow the Doctor’s orders. So let’s make this clear:

  • Do all the treatments your doctor recommends. Set up these appointments as soon as possible.
  • Do your best to make it to all of your appointments.

The goal here is to create a clear record of your health and how it has been affected. 

We can then estimate how much more health care you will need to make a full recovery, and demand compensation to cover the costs.



Get full bills and records from all of the healthcare providers

With your permission, our attorneys at Cronauer Law will write a professional letter to all of your doctors and care givers to request your medical records and bills. Health care providers will only give you documents you specifically ask for, so have a lawyer with years of experience gather everything we need. Let’s work as a team.

Hire an expert to follow up with any deficiencies to establish liability

After we have gathered all the documents and records we could get, and after we have built our case and story to prove liability, we need to make sure our case is 100% solid. We want prove your injuries was caused by the accident, and at the same time, prove beyond reasonable doubt who is liable (who is at fault.)

Lawyers can only gather the facts to build your case, but not all facts are clearly presented from the records we have. The strength of your case is probably at 80% of where we need to be. We need to hire experts to find us the last 20% to “prove beyond reasonable doubt.”


We need to hire experts to find us the last 20% to "prove beyond reasonable doubt."

The amount of money an Insurance company will pay out is limited to the costs related to the injuries from the accident. If you had an injury before the accident, but it was affected again from the accident, Insurance companies will claim that your preexisting injuries are not covered.

  • Get an expert to review your medical records and accident reports to get their professional opinion.



Make the demand

Once we have all of this information together, we make a demand to the insurance company.
This is a letter to the insurance company requesting to have them cover all of the costs associated with your accident. But a simple letter is written by you is not enough to make them listen. Which brings us to our next tip…

Follow up with some sort of threat of a lawsuit

If an insurance company sees that you are representing yourself, they will think you will not have the “bite” to fight back when they deny your claims. You will have better chances having an attorney from Cronauer Law contact the insurance companies . They know our name, and what we are capable of.

Insurance companies know that if they see a letter from Cronauer Law, we have done all of the tips above and are prepared to get every dollar you are entitled to.



Statutes of Limitations

“Statutes” is another word for laws, and there are laws that limit how much time you have to bring legal action.

We will work with the insurance companies and the people who are liable to get the settlement you need,

but we can not sue if you have waited too long to start the process.

Some statutes are for 2 year after the incident, some are for a year, and there are statutes that only give you 6 months!

It is very important to have one of our lawyers review your case as early as possible. We can tell you when is the deadline that you can no longer sue.

Speak with Cronauer Law to Find out the deadline that you forfeit your right to legal action

If you can't take legal action,
you will be left to pay for your medical bills.


Work on your liens and Policy information

This is probably the least talked about way to make the most of your settlement. Focusing on your liens.

If you are unable to pay your medical bills, a medical provider may put a lien on your settlement. This means that the hospitals and doctors will wait for you to make a settlement with the insurance companies, and will ask for a portion of it. But you will be charged a little more for the time they have to wait.

But your medical bills and Liens are Negotiable. Our Lawyers can work with the hospitals to reduce your bills, so you can keep more of your settlement.

A good lawyer can help you get what you deserve, a great lawyer will help you keep it.

Bonus tip

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