Cronauer Law: $1.4M Verdict Recognized in the Top 20 Verdicts in Illinois

A historic achievement has been made by our law firm, Cronauer Law. We have been recognized by the prestigious Top Verdict with a remarkable ranking in the top 20 in illinois: Chavez v. Kirkland Police Department, et al. This recognition reflects the unwavering commitment, exceptional service, and dedication to justice that our law firm continuously strives to maintain.

Unlike awards from other publications, Top Verdict extends recognition based on factual achievements rather than the opinions or suggestions of our peers or a panel of experts. This notable achievement makes our firm one of the high-ranking fixtures within Top Verdict’s annual list, a shortlist that recognizes only the highest achievers within the legal industry.

Our successful case, Chavez v. Kirkland Police Department, et al, detailed a complex trial involving personal injury, professional malpractice, falls, negligent tort, bodily injury, and vicarious liability. Expertly handled by attorneys C. Nicholas Cronauer, Bradley Melzer, and Ross Brennan of Cronauer Law, LLP, our law firm secured a verdict of $1,472,750.00 in the plaintiff’s favor.

We’re proud to share this news with our clients, prospects, and staff. It’s a fact that sets Cronauer Law apart: the accurate understanding that their attorney not only has a high verdict to his name but boasts one of the top verdicts in the state or nation.

Obtaining a place on Top Verdict’s list requires extensive research performed by their team, including reviewing court records, electronic submissions by attorneys, and major legal publications. Thus, the recognition extended to us is a representation of our resilience, outstanding efforts, and remarkable achievements in the pursuit of our clients’ interests.

Our recent achievement enhances our portfolio, making us an excellent choice for individuals seeking legal representation backed by a track record of success. We remain steadfast in our goal to secure exceptional results for our clients while maintaining the highest professional standards.

It wouldn’t have been possible without our tenacious team’s hard work and our clients’ faith in our services. Our aim remains to reciprocate that faith by continuously putting our expertise and empathy at your service, making your fight, our fight.

Trial Attorneys Don’t Settle for Less

At Cronauer Law, we have earned our place as trial attorneys, willing and capable to champion your cause in the courtroom. It’s where our seasoned skills are tested and where they consistently shine.

Every member of our team is trained to be both a negotiator and a litigator. However, our true forte lies in trial law where we construct rational arguments, present compelling evidence, and robustly interrogate all opposing views. We transform complexities into clear narratives that resonate with juries, maximizing the prospects of a successful outcome.

Taking a case to trial requires a unique mix of determination, legal expertise, and strategic aptitude, qualities we are proud to embody at Cronauer Law. We are committed to making your fight our fight, embedding our ethos in the everyday practice of our firm.

Our willingness to deftly navigate the intricacies of a trial, rather than settling for less, speaks volumes about our commitment to securing you the most favorable outcome. Count on us to take the reins and use our courtroom expertise to champion your cause. At Cronauer Law, we are not just attorneys – we are dedicated trial attorneys, advocating strongly for our clients’ rights.

In line with the transparency, fairness, and fact-based approach Top Verdict employs, Cronauer Law remains committed to providing the same standard of service to our clients. At Cronauer Law, LLP, we believe justice served is a promise kept.

Our identity as top-level trial attorneys goes hand in hand with our ability to secure top-dollar verdicts for our clients. We prioritize their needs above all else and ensure they receive the maximum compensation they are entitled to. At Cronauer Law, it’s not just about achieving justice; it’s about achieving justice that fully acknowledges the true value of our clients’ claims.

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