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Peloton Deemed Dangerous to Children

Have you been affected by any products manufactured by Peloton?

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is warning consumers about the dangers of popular Peloton Tread+ exercise machine following several reported events of small children and a pet being injured under the machines. The Commission has found that the general public health and security requires this news to warn the public quickly of the potential danger.

The bureau is continuing to explore all known incidents of injury or death linked to the product known as ‘Peloton Tread+.’

So far, CPSC knows of 39 incidents as well as one death. CPSC staff considers that the Peloton Tread+ presents serious dangers to kids for abrasions, fractures, and death. In light of numerous reports of kids becoming entrapped, trapped, and pulled below the back roller of this item, CPSC urges customers with kids in the home to quit using the product immediately.

This video shows the danger to children posed by the Tread+.[Warning, video content could be upsetting to some viewers. ]

It is believed at least one incident happened while a parent had been operating on the treadmill. Reports of a pet and items being sucked under the Tread+ suggests possible injury to the user as well when the user loses balance as a result of objects throwing the treadmill out of balance.

What should consumers do now?

  • Stop exercising with the Peloton Tread+ when there are small children or pets in the home.
  • Incidents suggests that children might be severely injured while the Tread+ is being used by an adult, not only when a kid has unsupervised access to this machine.
  • If customers need to continue to use the product, CPSC urges consumers to use the product in a locked room to prevent access to pets and children while the treadmill is currently in use.
  • Keep all things, such as exercise balls and other gear, away from the treadmill.
  • When not in use, unplug the Tread+ and then keep the security key from the machine and from reach of kids.
  • Report Peloton Tread+ incidents to CPSC in www.SaferProducts.gov
  • Customers can receive legal compensation for injuries related to Peloton. Contact Cronauer Law.

Model No. TR-01 was known as “Tread” in August 2018 to September 2020, as it had been renamed “Tread+”.

Peloton’s Response

Peloton stated in a news release the caution from the saftey commission was “inaccurate and misleading.” The company said there is no reason to quit using the treadmill provided that:

  • Pets and children are kept away from it constantly
  • It’s turned away when not being used
  • And the security key is removed.

If adults want to continue using the treadmill, then they ought to use it in a room so kids and pets can not come close to it. If not in use, the treadmill should be unplugged and the security key removed and hidden away


Peloton is best known for its stationary bicycles, but it introduced the treadmill about three years ago and now calls it the Tread+. It costs over $4,000.

Revenue of Peloton gear have jumped throughout the pandemic as virus-weary men and women avoid gyms and exercise at home rather. The business earned $1 billion in earnings in the previous few weeks of 2020, more than double its earnings from the exact same period a year before.

The commission didn’t say how many of the Peloton treadmills are sold.

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