Cronauer Law Obtains $300 Thousand for Metra Conductor

A Chicago Rail Yard walkway owned and operated by Metra had deteriorated, exposing uneven surfaces, and making the designated path for safely traversing the railyard, unsafe.

Walkways are to be maintained and repaired to avoid creating a tripping hazards, and if hazards are found, employees are encouraged to report the issue so that it can be dealt with before anyone gets injured.

Unfortunately, a Chicago Metra Conductor had tripped from an exposed concrete slab and fell foward forward towards rail yard equipment. The conductor stuck out his right arm to break his fall. The impact to his outstretched arm fractured a few of the small bones in his wrist. He later experienced numbness and tingling through half of his right hand.

Doctors diagnosed that his fractured lunate bone (One of the small bones that make up your wrist) is at a 10% risk to develop Kienbock disease. The disease is a symptom of veins not able to supply enough blood to the bones, causing irregular growth in the bone over time.

Metra was aware of the the deteriorated walkway for months before the incident. The walkway was finally repaired after the Chicago train conductor was injured.

after 4 years of of litigation, And three intense weeks of trial in front of a jury, Cronauer law has successfully obtain the Conductor a $300,000 verdict.

Just last year, Cronauer law won a 5.3 million dollar verdict against Metra for and engineer who also slipped and fell while working for Metra.